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    Largo, Fl near Tampa
    WBBB Dbl 1.1
    OES deluxe
    I am a hiker that likes to go out for at least a week at a time. I have a McHale custom pack that weighs too much, but it can carry as much or as little as I want. I now have a WBBB and an OES tarp. I use a White Box alcohol stove, and carry 3/4 oz of fuel per day, usually in a coke bottle. I use a GSI Hau Ti kettle to boil my water. I have tyvek for a ground sheet, should I need to sleep on the ground. I use a Prolite 4 pad, both in the WBBB and on the ground. I have 2 WM sleeping bags that open up to a quilt, so I take whichever one of them suits the temps I am expecting.

    For my food I carry either an Ursack or a BV500, depending on government requirements. I have a small ditty for hygiene things, and another for 1st aid. My spare clothing usually consists of a change of socks and shorts. Gloves most times. Leather ones for rocky areas, and warm ones during the shoulder seasons.

    Last Sept I went for 2 weeks into Yosemite, with a resupply in the middle. I carried about 35# at the beginning of each week, including the 10# of food and the 2# of BV. I am not an Ultralighter, and have no desire to become one. I have lightened up my load over the years, so it is easier on my body. Currently, I am trying to shave some weight off my personal frame, as that will do me more good than getting my base weight down to 9#.
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    DD Camping
    DD Tarp
    Karrimor bag
    Stock webbing
    This is all I have dug out of my cupboard and I think it is everything:

    1. Depending on situation:
    2. Survival bag and whistle
    3. Water purification tablets and electrolyte mix
    4. Geocaching supplies
      The rest:
    5. FAK, just standard supply from boots, restocked a few times
    6. Map case and compass
    7. Gaiters
    8. Baby wipes, these things are useful for loads!
    9. Bandanna, also useful for loads!
    10. Spare batteries, AA for the camera and coin for the head torch
    11. Cheapy digital camera
    12. Mess tin, cutlery, leatherman, matches
    13. Energizer head torch
    14. Spare laces
    15. Two 'buffs' - one insulated
    16. one thin
    17. trek towel, amazing, soaks up loads and dries in under an hour
    18. Karrimor summit 300 mummy, don't laugh at my lack of real TQ or UQ, I'm only 16, plus a little watch I picked up for under a dollar in Kathmandu - who cares if it loses three seconds each day it cost less than a dollar!
    19. El Cheapo thermarest roll mat
    20. 750ml water bottle, I was gutted when my 2l bladder got contaminated with campylobacter
    21. Bench beanie
    22. Karrimor seat pad, also useful for the bits the thermarest wont cover!
    23. DD Camping Hammock
    24. DD Tarp
    25. Assorted mesh and dry bags
    26. DD sleeper rectangular
    27. A small fold away backpack for collecting wood etc.
    28. Deuter Aircontact 65l+10l
    29. Assorted small biners, for gear mostly don't dare hanging my weight from them...
    30. Primaloft gloves, waterproof, warm

    Also please excuse the bubblegum pink walls, I was relegated to the spare room!



    Be who you are and say or do what you will, for those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.

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    TTTM Double-upgrading 2 lighter rig
    AHE Toxaway
    Lost River UQ

    My current setup...

    Other than clothes and food, this is my setup. I take out anything I don't need depending on the conditions.

    On My Person
    Pocket Knife

    Main Pack
    Toiletry Kit
    Pack Rain Cover
    Sleeping Bag/Pad (I use a Big Agnes 15d with a 15d insulated air core pad that works great for me, hanging or on-ground.)
    Water bottles (Nalgene x2)
    Stove – Pot – Mess Kit
    Hot Packs
    550 Cord
    Stakes (my fav MSR)

    Flash Bag (attached to main pack)
    Survival Kit
    Emergency Bivy
    Reflect Blanket (works great under the Big Agnes if it's really cold)
    Tarp (lines for hanging pre-attached)
    3-4 trash bags
    Toilet Paper/Wipes
    Duct Tape
    First-Aid Kit
    Insect Repellent

    oh... and my flash bag has 2L bladder in it.

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