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Thread: Wait time?

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    Just a quick word to say thanks and awesome! CrankyBear still technically owns the 3s Crowsnest, but i have confiscated it. amazingly warm and comfy. thank you for the great work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cranky Bear View Post
    Patiently waiting for my Burrow and Crowsnest (both summer)!
    Since I already own a 3s Crowsnest, I know exactly the quality of that which shall arrive soon, "PERFECT"!
    A great thanks to you both for such awesome work and friendly service, Adam and Thorwren you rock! Hopefully one day in the near future I will get to meet and thank you both in person?!?!?!?!
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    My Winter Burrow just arrived in the mail a few days ago. Wait time was approx 2 months. Lol within 2 min of opening it up and watching it fluff up I entirely forgot about the wait. It is a beautiful quilt and worth every cent!

    Thank you Adam!!!

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