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    Gortex to supplement 3/4 Summer Te Wa UQ

    Hey all

    Has anyone tried using a Gortex jacket to supplement a 3/4 length UQ under the feet.

    Not sure if Aussie temps will get too low, coldest I normally camp is around 3-4C (hopefully not any colder) For it to go below 0C would be a freak incident and it hasn't happen yet

    I'm a warm sleeper anyway and slept for the first time in a hammock to a low of 7C with just a -3C (comfort rating) kathmandu down mummy bag and one of those reflective car winscreen thingys under my torso and thighs. (Just in boxer shorts and a thermal tee shirt, Had wool socks on and got hot to start with so took them off)

    My feet seemed fine and I was warm and comfortable all night.

    Just not sure if it's worth getting a small CCF pad for my feet as I have only ordered a summer TQ and it will probably not be as warm as the bag I used.

    If I can use my Mountain design Gortex thigh length rain/wind jacket instead I will.

    Anyone tried this or similar.
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    Anything that puts space between you and the hammock will insulate. Clothing and even and empty pack will suffice in most cases. A lot of people save their jacket as a "reserve" piece of insulating gear for their torso. I use my goretex jackets to dry some of my wet clothing by placing it inside the jacket while I'm wearing it. The heat from your body will push the moisture from the wet article to the outside of the goretex membrane.

    In short, the jacket will provide some insulation for your feet, but you might find other stuff sacks or pieces of gear to use as well.

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