It's a poncho, tarp and endcap.

I wanted a mini tarp to see what the buzz was about smaller tarps. Realized it can be a multi-purpose. Added the hood with a drawstring closure. Added shockcord and cordlocks for cinching the poncho and tying it to my waist, making the length somewhat adjustable. Added some grosgrain webbing at the corners.
Big enough for use with a pack on, the shockcord lets me adjust accordingly.
Covers the hammock (just barely) for a lightweight solution in light rain conditions.

ponchotarp and pretzels 009.JPG
Strung up as a diamond tarp over the hammock. 9'6", so it is minimal coverage with the hammock (I dont have a ridgeline on this hammock, which it needs. I've explained my home trees are wide spread before, so it will work, I just need to tweak the hammock)
ponchotarp and pretzels 010.JPG
Opposite side.

poncho tarp 056.jpg
Added as an option to the Ogee tarp, the poncho works really well to give a wind block to one end.
poncho tarp 057.jpg
I have a carabiner on a sliding prussik, which worked well with the poncho attachment, poncho is staked down on two corners and a pack could be added on top of the poncho to keep it from blowing around. It was slightly breezy during the set up and did fine as is, but a pack would help in windier conditions.
poncho tarp 059.jpg
One of the Ogee doors pulled down over the poncho. Good seal.

I know its not a new idea, many folks have done it before. But it works with the Ogee and it can be a stand alone tarp, if need be. Even a gear tarp. And I have a poncho to wear.