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    Hanging Around

    Hi! My names CyberGlitch and I'm a hammockoholic

    Well, here it my short story and intro.

    Few weeks ago I bought a travel hammock on a whim to bring tent camping (the horror). The Grand Trunk came in the mail the Friday before we went on Saturday so didn't get a chance to try it out or play with it before hand. We got to our campsite, got the tent setup and then I setup the hammock and took a break. OMG, I was in heaven. The hammock was soo comfortable I didn't want to get out. For the rest of the trip you could always find me in the hammock chilling out.

    So I went online and found this forum and started reading up on hammocks and camping. I was bitten by the bug and badly. I was already planning my first backpacking trip and going hammock only!

    There were a good deal of issues I had setting up the hammock with the equipment it came with. So, after reading these forums I went out a few days ago and got 50' of amsteel 1/8" (only size they had). Read up on how to make whoopie slings because they looked soo easy to use. I cut a 10' section and fought with it all evening Friday and just couldn't get it right. So instead I rigged up the hammock in the backyard and slept in it to see how I would sleep in it; much better then sleeping on the ground in a tent!

    This morning I woke up and back to playing with whoopies and I finally got it with very thin wire. Made my 2 whoopies for my suspension and rushed off to REI for descending rings and biners. Got home, took the hammock down and then put it back up with the whoopies, rings and biners in just a few minutes. Now that's the way to setup a hammock!

    When I was taking out the stock S rings and cabling I was shocked and scared at the same time. 1 side of the cabling was badly chaffed, almost in half! Good thing I went ahead and replaced it with amstel and rings. Used it just 2 times and the rope was already about to snap.

    My wife already thinks I'm crazy because it's been nothing but hammocks on my mind for the past few days and all I've worked on. I also already want a bigger double hammock, I think I would sleep a little better.

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    The hammock disease strikes again. Welcome to the forum

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    There is no cure. Thank god.

    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of hammocking. There is no cure for this madness. The best treatment is to hang in your hammock as often as possible. For those times when you can not hang. It helps to ease the craving by occupying your mind with the design and building of hammock gear.

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    Cut up my mombosa skeeter net and sewed it back together as a better fitting sock.

    Also setup a SRL today as well. Seems more comfortable to me and I like the idea of it always having the same sag everytime I set it up. Plus it helps hold up the netting when I use it.

    I've literally gone from 0-100mph in less then a week with these hammocks.

    Good news though my wife mentioned this morning she wants to go camping again next weekend so I'll have a great chance to test everything out!

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    Welcome to the forums, and congrats on a great start

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