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    hennessey double bottom

    thinking about buying a hennessey double bottom jungle hammock and sliding my thermarest prolite plus pad inbetween the bottoms. has anyone done this / if so how did it work out? thanx

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    Lots of folks use pads in double layer hammocks, just keep in mind that most thermarests are a good bit narrower than most folks like in a hammock as it will rap up around you and your shoulders will not likely have enough coverage to say warm. Wider pads are better in a hammock than what may be used on the ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgibson View Post
    Wider pads are better in a hammock than what may be used on the ground. How about this one? Looks to be wide enough plus doubles as a ground tarp if you have to transform your hammock into a ground bivy.
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    try a volara cc pad. They come in widths of 60 inches and are sold by the foot. It comes in thicknesses of 1/8 in. and up.

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