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    Actually, I figured it out.

    In fact, once I got the locked brummel splice, I had the SRL and the whoopies done in no time. It all came together nicely.

    Instead of a fid or needel to pull, I used a folded wire I saw from one of the photo tutorials, and it all happened real quick. Easy as pie. I missed my target, but not by much. I have a 96"-110" range. Easy to get down, and simple to adjust!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barefoot Child View Post
    With an Adjustable Structural Ridgeline (or Adjustable SRL) you can adjust to almost any length you want until you hit the sweet spot for you...or you get tired of tweaking and simply fall asleep.

    WhoOpieslings .com sells adjustable SRL's I believe, they are cheap because you don't have to buy any more line than needed, they are ready to use, and I believe they are made from 2.2mm Dyneema or something like that.

    Maybe, SmokeBait would like to chime in and tell us the exact details.

    Happy trails,
    Barefoot Child
    You are right on Barefoot Child. We use 2.2mm Lash-It or Zing-It made from Dyneema fiber. The finished product yields an adjustable length from 81-116 inches. We are we going to build that "special" one for you?

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    Yes, it's 102"

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    My ridgeline is 94 inches on my 120" length DIY hammock. Thats 5 inches short of 83%. It works good for me.


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