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Thread: Thermometer

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    I have original National Weather Service min and max thermometers. Long tubes of glass with mercury. The NWS does not use them anymore. Too fragile and requires a hazmat cleanup if broken. Excellent thermometers though...

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    I use the Brunton ADC Wind that slowhike has. The 24 hour record is recorded on the hour. The min temp often reads lower than the lowest temp in the record, so I think you'll get the lowest temp no matter what time it occurs.

    I'm not confident the windspeed is accurate, though...especially when it's flopping around below my hammock support!

    Lowest temp I've had this gear is 14F at Mt Rogers in Jan...not sure what the min operating temp is but I bet it's on one of the websites.
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    Thanks, Just Jeff! A true mini-max function is my first priority so that's good news about your experience witht the Brunton.

    It's frustrating to not find the 'official' temp ranges of the various Brunton models. I've gone through the manual and Brunton's web site and have had no luck. However, a Google search took me to where they listed the temp range for the ADC Wind, Summit, and Pocket Weather Station models all as -13F - 140F (-25C - 60C). After an half-hour of bouncing around the 'net, that was the only site I found with such specs...I have no idea where they came from. But -13F is good enough for me...I've only camped a couple times below that and don't plan anything like that soon. My outside remote bottomed out at -40F a year or two ago but I was reading that from indoors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpettit View Post
    i just bought this a few months ago:
    Does anyone have any updates on digital thermometers that record min/max (like the one in rpettit's post)? The reviews on REI's site aren't too complimentary.

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    i've got one from rei, don't know about the better ones, but my digital (coghlan's?) seems to have the sensor internally, so it's somewhat insulated from the cold and takes a long time to actually adjust to the air temp, like you might actually be reading the temp from an hour ago. i think some of the nicer ones have it on the outside though. i keep meaning to get a kestrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amac View Post
    Does anyone have any updates on digital thermometers that record min/max (like the one in rpettit's post)? The reviews on REI's site aren't too complimentary.
    I wasn't impressed with the Coghlans. Mine (three or more years old, now) did not read the immediate 'updated' every couple minutes or so. It's accuracy, measured against a higher quality/more expensive digital was so-so, and the weather seal failed after a long-term test. Not the easiest interface, either. Still, it's cheap.

    But not what I'm looking for...


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