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    Ripped stitch on the channel

    I was playing around with suspension on my home brewed hammock and managed to rip the stitches on the sewn channel on one end. While laying in the hammock the end stitch gave and the rest zippered out, which left me on the floor.
    I had a length of 3mm doubled through the channel and hooked to my smc rings with a larks head. I think I made the mistake of only putting one single stitch line to hold the channel.
    Is there a preferred stitch pattern, or minimum number of stitch lines/runs that I should do? I am thinking 2 runs on the new seam should be enough to hold it, assuming I get the edges taken care of so it doesn't zipper out again.
    It is 1.9mm ripstop from Joann's. 10' long, single layer.

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    On the hammock in my room, i have 2 rows of stitches and it holds my 270 pounds.

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    Reinforce the long edge hems with something stout like a good grosgrain. Then fold your end hem/channel. I would do at least three rows of stitch, as thats what most end channeled hammocks have, 3 or 4 rows.

    Another alternative is to do the warbonnet style.
    Sew a small channel (one single stitch line) in the end of your hammock, insert some light line, tighten the line to gather the end and knot it off. Tie/larkshead your suspension just below the gathered mass and hang.
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