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    Quote Originally Posted by waddy View Post
    This is a great thread. Please allow yet another thank you to our much loved "Shugity Shugity Hang Hang" who is actually the Pied Piper of Hammock Forums. It would be interesting to know just how many souls (now LOST souls) who have entered the wonderful world of hanging and found their way here to Hammock Forums because they happened to watch at least one of the fantastic videos produced by Shug. Thanks again to Shug and to all who take the time and effort to put out the videos which make learning SO much easier and clearer.
    It is the power of video and YouTube!
    I was drawn in by all the knowledge of the members before me....
    If it helps folks hang and get to the woods .... that is the thing.
    Whooooo Buddy)))) All Good in the Backwood Hood.

    Shug's YouTube Videos

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    Arrrg me hammock friends,

    Got home tonight and Finally received my material, start time 7:45 ended just a minute ago. One 12 ft hammock is sewn with enough material for a second, YEAH that's right I'm no longer a ground lubber. I'll sew up the second tomorrow and have some pics within a day or so. I eat all me Spinach and will finish me hammock for tonight is a hammock makin night.

    Yes Sir, I'm Pumped! Thanks for all the help from this forum and the videos guys and gals, especially my entertaining friend Shug!
    I'm Popeye the hammock man I'll be in the woods again, by the end of the day tomorrow I pray I'll be in a hammock man. toot toot..

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    Very very cool indeed! I'm totally there with you.

    Shug got me motivated too. I'm very glad to have found the forum & learn constantly from everyone here @HF.

    And yes, Its become an addiction for me. A good one I think... I am either reading the forums, or outdoors looking for and learning new places to go explore. The gear addiction I am having allot of fun with too.

    Thanks HF!


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    Tried out the 12 foot tonight and finished making the 10 just now, Woooooooo Buddy! The 12 almost seemed too Big I may cut it down, I have to see how the 10 hangs first and then hang the 12 on the ridge line as a tarp to see if I like it or not. Need more fabric for a tarp and some shock cord, thinking time for more shopping. LOL. Sure did get the flat lay though Tons of room on the 12 to get lost. LOL..

    Also sewed up a small stuff sack not a real pretty job on it but it holds the 10 just fine. Tomorrow night I plan on hanging the 10 and getting some pics, Friday night a low of 46 guess where I will be. Also plan to make an UQ out of one of my sleeping bags this week. This stuff is addictive! Can't find my old wood stove either sooooo that is in the works this week too, probably use a coffee can. The wife says I've gone camping nuts again. I told her she has no clue I'm just getting started and want to make more hammocks and stuff.
    I'm Popeye the hammock man I'll be in the woods again, by the end of the day tomorrow I pray I'll be in a hammock man. toot toot..

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