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Thread: Midnight raid?

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    How often does this actually happen?!

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    And I glad both of you were okay

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    It only happens when you hang on the wrong trees. Once I hung on a tree that was fine for just me, but wasn't enough for me and my bent over and my butt scraped the ground. Didn't break, though - I pushed it back up and it was ok next time I went to that site.

    Anyway - it doesn't happen if you tie off to good trees.
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    or support that tree with a line to a tree or root behind it.

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    basically as people indicated I hung from the wrong trees in both cases

    1.) first time it was a forked maple somewhat near an AT shelter - I forgot to check the crotch of the tree for damage from breaking firewood - the inside part of the tree was dead as a result and that is where the tree broke

    2.) second time I was hanging from a tree in sandy soil when a thunder storm rolled through - between the water lubricating the soil and the high wind and the pull from the hammock the tree came down - now days if I'm in sandy soil I pick trees at least a foot in diameter instead of the 6 incher I picked that time

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    I was stealth hanging off the trail on a little ridge above. The tree looked sturdy enough, but it gave way at the root system and leaned over. Learned a good lesson about hanging after dark, especially in soil full of pine needles!

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