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    Quote Originally Posted by Edvvard View Post
    The Clark hammocks aren't too hot in the warmer weather are they?
    That depends on what you consider "warm weather". My standards of "warm" might be different than someone else's.

    I sleep comfortably in my Clark until nighttime low temperatures get around the upper 70's to lower 80's F here in South Florida. I personally find any nighttime temps below the mid 70's ideal, until you get down into the upper 30's to low 40's F. That's a pretty big range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edvvard View Post
    The Clark hammocks aren't too hot in the warmer weather are they?
    This is were the pockets hold more warmth than you might like ? ? ?
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    When I bought my NX-250

    I assumed it would be "too warm" for summer temps, at least compared to my HH single layer hammock. Yet I got cold on a 70 degree night in my HH (humid too) and later I got cold in my CJH in September in the PA Laurel Highlands.

    Anymore I try to have some under-insulation available. My 3-season Crowsnest will always be in the ready, no matter which hammock I am using.


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    Well, the hottest it ever really gets around here is 65-70* at night, so maybe I'll be good to go. I don't like laying around in the day, but I do remember it was never too awful in my DiY double layer hammock. I'm assuming it'd be around the same temperature wise.

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    I'd say go with the NX250 and have no regrets, Yes, its warm in higher temps. I attribute that to laying "down in" the hammock and the sides blocking any breeze from getting at you. It's those spreader poles that make the sale for me. They seem to open up the hammock to make a less confined lay. Also, yes the 250 is longer, by about a foot, than the 150. If weight is no concern, and its just a coupla ounces, go NX250. You'll thank yourself later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edvvard View Post
    I was thinking the TX200, the NX200, or the NX250.

    I am looking for a good all season hammock. I was thinking the TX200 since I can use the pockets at either end and put a 3/4 underquilt between them for insulation, but would this even work?

    I'm not sure I'm sold on the 250, I don't know if it would be able to be set up on the ground if I need to do so, god forbid

    I first liked the NA, but heard it was a bit too short for my size, so I'd need the NX200.

    Which should I look for? I am assuming these are all around the same length. Correct me if I am wrong.

    And I do want the weathershield option.

    Any input?
    The tropical is a lot cooler in the summer than the NA. I've tried them both. The reg. size is about a foot shorter than the NX or TX size. You'll need the larger one.
    Diffinately get the weathershield, it's helped me stay warmer when fog or rain moved in during the night in hot humid conditions. It also retains a bit of "top" warmth on very cold nights.
    I've practiced setting up my tropical on the ground with treking poles. Do-able but not something I'd really want to do. I carry a rain wrap skirt that doubles as a ground cloth when needed.
    I use a 3/4 sized (that's 3/4 for ME) under quilt, the pockets are spaced so far apart for me, that when I added insulation in them, it was just to much. I adjust my underquilt to be just at the point where my feet end and streatching to about my shoulders. About a 4'long quilt to fit my 5' self!!! I like toasty feet!!! With taller people, you'd have to figure out if the pockets are where you need them and then work with the length of the under quilt. To much fiddling for me, I'd rather just have one quilt in a size I like and not bother with the pockets on the hammock. You'll figure that out as you use your hammock in different temps.
    I went with the Tropical because I camp in mostly humid/hot conditions with skeeters. Temp ranges that I've personally camped in... 18 degrees up to 110 degrees. I have 2 sets of quilts (upper & lower), winter and summer to deal with these temps ranges. Anything above 80 degrees at night and I'm not using any insulation, upper or lower. If you're not gonna be camping in temps that warm, I'd suggest the North American model instead of the tropical in the longer length hammock.
    These are just suggestions and notes of things that have worked for me (with a lot of practice runs in the back yard before hitting the trail).


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