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    Florida Pre-Hang Site Survey

    Hey Everyone! A few of us (me, Islander and edhess) are planning a little scouting trip to Ocala National Forrest this Saturday (October, 23) to scope out locations for the Big Florida Group Hang in January.

    If anyone wants to meet up and join us, all are welcome. We're meeting at Juniper Springs Rec Area at about 10-10:30AM. Just post here or message any one of us.

    The plan is to check out Juniper Springs, Hidden Pond, Alexander Springs and Buck Lake. Not entirely sure where we'll hang on Sat night but I'm sure we'll figure it out before it gets too dark... Possibly on the FT or one of the designated sites (glad we have have that nailed down)

    Can't wait to get out there!

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    ...Can I just say ...whooo buddy too. Cannot wait to get out there.

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    Sounds like a good time. I wish I could come, but unfortunately I work on Saturdays until 5pm, however I can't wait to here about what spot you choose. Be sure to take some pictures. Hopefully I will be able to make it to the Big Florida Group Hang. I'll have to make sure I request some time off for that weekend.

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    Reminder for anyone interested in campsite scouting in preparations for a 1st Annual Florida Hang.
    We are meeting at the Jupiter Springs Recreation area camp store, off of HWY 40. Saturday, late morning.

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    Hey guys, I saw this post just a little too late I guess. I would definitely be interested in a trip to the Ocala Forest. I have spent a good bit of time out there, last trip was in August, 2010. My son and I spent the night at Hopkins Prairie on a Friday night then kayaked down the Oklawaha River the next morning. Was a great trip even though it was in the middle of the summer. Anyway i will be keeping an eye on this thread for the details. BTW to Damifino: We're neighbors I live in Holiday.

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