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    Migratory hammocking

    I got a good couple of hangs in the Great Smokey mountains National park last weekend, but it was getting a little bit chilly, lows of around 25* the first night (we were at altitude, around 5500ft AGL), and 40's the second & third nights when we were lower in the valley.

    I was figuring that last weekend was probably going to be it for me until the 2011 spring season starts up, but I just moved out of my place, and before I sign/contract into a new apartment, and have to pay all the bills associated with that, it would be nice to maybe find a few southern hammocking spots for a couple weeks.

    The challenge is that my sleep system is comfortable into the 40's, and can stretch into the upper 20's (with a +15deg bag liner I have). Are there any east coast hammocking sites that will still have good, warm hammocking weather this time of year?

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    I hear Florida is quite warm, but regulations on hammock are either restricitve or indefinate..
    depending on how far south you want to go, that is!

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