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Thanks Peg-Leg,

I've actually found this whole Winter vs 3-season vs Summer option very confusing. Winter conditions for Europeans and Nth Americans are far more extreme than what we experience in NSW, Aust.

I ended up taking a punt and went for a Summer Crowsnest with 900-fill. According to Stormcrow this will get me down to 1-2*C. Matched to an equivalent TQ this should be fine as a 4-season for me.

hey Russ, i did the same thing and just ordered a summer UQ 900 "Incubator" and summer TQ 900 "Burrow" ---and i live in Ontario, not NSW! My thinking was most of my outings are in the summer, so get something that will do for summer nights. I hate being too hot.

In late August and September at night, that combo hopefully will get me close to zero* C, which in southern Ontario is fairly rare (and no elevation issues, i.e. Ontario is FLAT and near sea level.) If I sleep out in below freezing temps, that requires a rethink of all my gear anyway.

If I start getting into winter camping, I'll just go for a dedicated winter quilt system.

BTW where do you hike there? You're really lucky. I did a nice day-hike in the Blue Mountains to the Ruined Castle. Beautiful and interesting country, even without getting off the main paths.