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    Fair enough, I have never used descender rings for that but them not having had the safety knot would make sense. I was mainly stating why I hadn't used them personally with the reasoning and commenting that I knew people who ended up sitting with them.
    I'm not jumping on you or anything! I just wanted to point that out so as the OP would have a cheaper option if they are inclined to do so! Many people do not like the rings as they say that they have given out(slipped) and they have gone to the ground, and the reason is that the safety knot (slippery half hitch) was either not tied all together, or not done correctly! The reasons that I switched is because I have a gear fetish, YEA I SAID IT and I also wanted to try and go "lighter" which is why I went to dynaglide whoopies! If not I probably would still be using the rings and webbing suspension!
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    First time I used my hammock with the rings I forgot to tie the half hitch safety knot and did indeed end up on my butt. Rather embarrassing, as this happened in front of my ground dweller river buddies who were already giving me crap about my hammock. Once I remembered the half hitch I was fine with no slippage. I saw this system on Grizz and Shug's videos and thought it seemed pretty easy & quick. I've never tried anything else.

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    If you already have an amsteel loop on the end of your hammock, the cheapest and lightest option is tying a slipped sheet bend or something similar between the webbing and the loop. Its free and weighs nothing. Just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    I've been using those for 2 or 3 years now, still works great. The price is right, but the shipping might get ya!
    I ordered some awhile back, and got an email from customer service offering to send them USPS @ about half the cost that the web site computed. They got a customer for life, with that one.

    One point in favor of the Onrope buckles is that they are rated for life support...that makes me all warm and fuzzy.

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