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    someone either here, or backpackinglight actually did a comparison of this. basically what temp you could expect to get to if you combined A with B

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    Quote Originally Posted by sseaman View Post
    I have a 35 degree REI bag, and a 40 degree REI bag, I did a trial run a few weeks ago in the upper 30's with the 35 degree bag, and stayed warm, with the my underquilt in place. I am getting ready for a weekend trip and the forecast is for mid 20's. The 40 degree bag is 3/4 zip, so I am thinking of using it as an over quilt.

    Any thoughts?
    Quote Originally Posted by sr1355 View Post
    I'd be interested to hear how it goes for you. I have a zero bag and a 25* bag that I'm thinking of figuring a way out to NEST together to use your term... I'm wondering if you might get some insulation compression in the footbox with a 3/4 zip over the other bag....
    I post on this subject a while back,
    If your interested, This is what happened when I put 2 bags together for an entire winter down to -40
    This is an actual run, this was not a drill. Night after night full on winter.
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    So this test went very well for me. The temps dropped to about 25 over night, and I stayed comfortable if not too warm. My tarp wasn't positioned the best so I had a little wind hitting my feet. I slept on a car sunshade, which did not go well as I woke up in the morning wet, but atleast I wasn't cold. We had sleet off and on through the night which made it really feel like winter camping.

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    Glad it went well for you. My only experience with nesting bags thus far was with a 30 bag and a 45 bag, both rectangles on the ground (with a pad). I was expecting temps to bottom out at 10F or maybe 0 at the worst, well we saw -17F on the coldest night. I fricken froze. I seriously don't think I slept at all that night, for fear of not waking back up. When I packed up my tent I found a man-shaped section of ice in the snow where I was sleeping... nice.

    I may try this again with an EMS Boreal (synth mummy 0 bag) using a Eureka Casper 15F synth mummy bag inside. I think it would go a little better
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    The only part of my bags that overlapped was at the foot end maybe 18" and the rest of the second bag was just layed on top. This also kept it from sliding around.

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