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Thread: Marking sil

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    Quote Originally Posted by schrochem View Post
    A walking foot REALLY helps with that.
    Before using one of these I would end up with one piece longer than the other after sewing the length of the quilt.
    man, all the different special use feet in there. even one to give you that perfect 1/4" seam... one specially for zippers... one that automaticly makes a rolled hem? one that automaticly gathers the fabric? (an looks like some medival torture device)

    handly link

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs View Post
    I just checked, and "tailors chalk" will mark on sil... I dont know if regular chalkboard chalk will work, I think they are a different composition...?

    NCP, you need me to send you a piece of chalk too?
    It wouldn't hurt...

    I'll have to check on using a glue stick. We have a lot of that around for the kids to glue themselves into trouble with. (and they do)

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    Love the glue stick idea Warbonnet, I'll give that a try next time.

    Regarding the rolled hem foot, I haven't had much luck using it with slippery fabrics like nylon, they keep slipping out of the curl. Maybe there is some trick to it. Works fine for me on regular fabrics though.

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    I have also found, when sewing with sil, that if you "cut" the sil using a hot knife or soldering iron it will effectively melt the layers of sil together. You can use it to sew, but when it is time to pull the two pieces apart it is very easy.

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