I just had an epiphany while setting up my hammock. I have tried many different suspensions but I favour webbing and cinch buckles. The only minor annoyance of using them is when the trees are close together I have to feed all the excess webbing through the buckles which in my case is 10 or 15 feet. I could always wrap the excess webbing around the tree but I found an easier way to deal with it.

Basically I discovered I can make a slipped cinch on the buckles. All I have to do is fold the webbing leaving the excess dangling. Then I feed the folded edge through the cinch buckles like normal. The beauty of this is I can fold the webbing wherever I want so I only ever need to feed a few inches through the buckles. Take down is easy. All I have to do is separate the two buckles and keep them apart with one hand and then pull the loose end of the webbing and the whole thing comes apart.

I'm probably not the first person to do this but I thought it might be useful to other webbing and cinch buckle users. Maybe others can try it and provide some feedback.