Webbing isn't really better or worse - just different. It's a bit heavier and bulkier than Spectra, but you can leave out the tree huggers so you have two fewer pieces to keep up with. You read about people changing to webbing b/c the HH comes with Spectra and it's something new to try - I don't think there many hammocks that come with webbing that people feel the need to try something new on. JMO. I use both, and usually don't decide which to take on a trip until I'm packing...just doesn't make much difference, really. But now I'm testing a new buckle system so I'll be using that one for a while.

If you're careful to always hang with lots of sag, you can get by with webbing rated to much less. But that webbing looks strong enough. I usually just get mine from Ed Speer's website.

I have removable straps just b/c I'm always making hammocks - that way I can have a few support sets and put them on whichever hammocks my kids and I are using that trip. I've never taken them off during a trip, though.