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    Clark customer service

    When I first decided to go the hammock route. It was a week before a Boy scout trip that I was going on with my son. I made a call over to CJH, and inquired about an ETA for two North American Hammocks. I was told, no problem. They shipped out that day, and I was sent the tracking info. Two days later I check to see where my order is, and UPS says it has been rescheduled to be delivered two days to late for my trip. I call CJH and they recalled my order, and reshipped a new one next day. It was on my doorstep at 9:30am the very next day. Wow thanks for the effort. I felt a little cramped in the NA, and after speaking with them they sugested the NX150's with the spreader bars. I sent the two NA back, and got two NX 150 with out tarps. No hassles I just paid for shipping, and the small extra cost for the up grade. No restocking fee was charged either. The new NX150's where at my door in about a week. We have slept in our 150's a few times, and we couldn't be happier.
    A big thanks to all over at CJH for a great product, and great customer service. I would recomend them to all.

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    with how they were with me and now you . . .

    I really want to go there just to shake their hands . . .

    I have been looking very closely at my NX150
    and noticed that the 2 zippers sewn back to back
    where the weather shield zips to the fly netting

    Has 8 or 9 sew lines . . . wow man what a puzzle.
    and each line has a purpose and is straight as an arrow,

    Quality and customer service that can't be beat . . .
    Bradley SaintJohn
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    The Transition from Ground Sleeping to Hammocks
    is the Conversion from Agony To Ecstasy,
    and Curing Ground-In-somnia.

    "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show you great and mighty things . . ." Jeremiah 33:3

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    Yep, with the ever increasing number of customer service\product delivery complaints that I'm seeing about other manufacturers here, it makes me even more appreciative that I own a Clarks'. Been using them since the very first ones...don't plan on changing.
    It’s what we believe that makes us, as individuals, who we are. Suppress that and we all become the same…"sterile and boring." "Sir William Orville Martin"

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    I have always said there customer service has been outstanding.. I like a mom and pop operation. They really do to try to help in every way they can that's why I own three of them.

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