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    DIY with ripstop mesh (skins, stuff sacks, organizer, etc)

    A few late nights this week as I feed my new-found addiction for making gear.
    Some of this week's DIY stuff using this fabric: Snake skins with whoopie pockets, stuff sack, 2" wide tree straps, soft shackles aka "nacrabiners". I'll get pics of the side pouches and ridgeline organizer next time I take the hammock out of the skins:

    Most of this week I worked with a ripstop mesh fabric (just started thread on it in the Fabrics section to figure out what it is).
    Close up of the stuff sack for my DIY hex tarp:

    Also this week:
    - made an amsteel ridgeline w/buried loop on one end, and whoopie on other,
    - made a camo nylon peak bag with a bungee at the tail end, drawstring opening, and mesh pocket on the side
    - put a nylon cover on the other side of my new UUQ, due to cutting it differential, then sewing the nylon to the wrong side (DOH!). Now it has camo nylon on each side, with one layer of fleece in the middle. Left the foot end seam open (secured with velcro) so I can insert additional layers of insulation.
    I'll get pics of the UUQ (under Un-Quilt) next time I take the DIY BB out of the skins. The UUQ, ridgeline pocket and peak bag are all wrapped up with the hammock inside the skins.

    Next up, rip seams on the overlapped foot end of my DIY BB to make the end like a stock BB, dial in the Ridgeline length, attach the bug netting and #3 coil zipper.
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    Your new fulltime job?

    Looks good. Do you think it's any lighter than the regular ripstop.

    You have been busy.


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    Way to go, you are shaming the rest of us! I like that mesh stuff, heading to fabric forum now to read more on this. Hope you tell where to get it...

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    That's some cool looking fabric, and nice gear! Where'd you get it? I'd love to use that as a ridge-line organizer so I can see what's in it!
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