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    Wuz shopping at Home Depot after church today. Ran across these two kinds of battery-powered Christmas lights. One is pretty standard issue: multi-colored lights, LED, 3 AA batteries, on/off switch. See first pic. Originally $6, but marked down and also on 50% discount. Cost $1.50. I got the last one.

    But the second kind really caught my eye: tiny red inline LED lights, 3 AA batteries (but believe AAAs would fit), with on/off/flash/phasing switch, that automatically goes off after 6 hours. Cost $2.10 for a two-pack. Also comes in blue, yellow, and some other color. I bought two 2-packs. Weight with AA batteries, just over 4 oz. Definitely intend to try these out on my ridgeline.

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    Target Sells A Phillips Solar Version (xmas Lights) - Waterproof Too

    I Bought 2 And A Snowflake One That I Will Convert To Better Leds.

    (btw - I'm Not Yelling, I Just Hate Lowercase)

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    Neato - Looks Like It Automatically Converts My All Caps To Mostly Lowercase.

    Have A Great Day All!

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