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    coupon code valid for orders of $59.90 and above. would not discount one cooler at $39.95.

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    I didn't realize that , as i ordered 3 of their icepacks to go with my woodland camo 12 cooler. they recco to use 2 for 12, so I like my beer cold and orderd three.

    there are several things u can order to get over 59 and change, but u must keep in mind that 59 dollars will be cut in half. I'd go for the ice packs if I were u... or they have travel cup, t shirts, hats, various containers that can be used with cooler or in your kitchen. so u get your initial total up to 59 and change and its lopped in half anyway. well that is the way I look at it, I would have preferred to get just the 12 pack cooler but hey whatcha gonna do?

    anyway, great savings. take it or leave it. I've read too many good things about their coolers to pass this up. hopefully these ice packs really work for keeping my beer cold, they will pay for themselves in short order if so, cause buying bags of ice adds up to much more expense through a summer of drinking. look at the big picture.

    thanks again OP
    "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    i bought a large one...way too big mfor my bike trips. good to know this is still going one. now i'm gonna order the small one --or three

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    i just ordered A RED 6 PACK AND A RED

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