I just gotta throw a big shout out to Brian at OES, and 2QZQ. I just recieved (well a week ago actually) my spin ul Mc Cat Delux with Door mod. Thank you Brian for sending the tarp straight to Donah saving me on shipping cost it was very helpful. Its nice that these two vendors communicate well and OES will ship dirrectly to 2QZQ. I havent had a chance to set it up yet and take pics but man is that tarp a beaut. The craftsmen/womenship on the tarp as well as the doors are top notch. Seams are sewn straight as a needle. I really like the addational pull outs added to the mc cat as well as the toggle and loop on the doors to roll them back, very nice touch. I love that its half the weight of my BWWD although nothing will ever take that tarps place. Brian and Donah thank you for the excellent customer service but I do have to say, their was a bit of a wait (well theirs always a wait ). But seriously from the time I ordered the tarp and recieved it with doors was probally 4-5 weeks, which IMHO is really fast. Gotta thank these two vendors for a great product, excellent communication as well as prompt delivery. Over all for me me another A+ experience with HF vendors. Cant wait to get out into the woods and set this tarp up.