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    Just my opinion but it is his stuff and if he chooses to sell it as a package then it's his business. I hope someone needs it all and buys it from him. As I said,it's just my opinion.
    Best of luck,Redbeard

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    Hello All,

    I kinda want this gone so I can pick up a new backpack to do a review on...

    Updated lower price of $325

    That will give me $300 for my invested $381 for the gear which was used for nothing other than to do a product review on, plus $25 bucks to cover shipping. I think it will be cheaper if I do two boxes rather than one larger one.

    If nobody picks it up at this price, redbeard gets the net, the tarp goes in my closet for quick trips I might make throughout the year (even though a cf tarp is already in there, I really do love this tarp) and I will probably give the hammock away to somebody on a trail on my next trip out, and the tarp doors will probably be turned into mini tarps for quick showers or maybe used to cover video equipment or leg covers or whatever else I can think of to use triangle shaped material for.


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    I'll take it - PM sent.

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    Setup Sold.

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