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I wonder if having a standard shock cord setup (where the shock cord is clove hitched to some guyline and both are attached to the tarp D ring) attached to the line loc via the guyline would give an extra degree of safety. This way, if the shock cord failed, you would still have the guyline attached.
I went this way hoping that the loop of shock cord would be the fail point in the system. If the loop gives way, the tarp can fly free and not be tethered to an un-giving length of zing-it. I'd rather have to replace the shock cord than the damaged tarp.

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A prussik on the tarp end would also have worked, that's the system I'm installing on mine
Tried that. I didn't want the shock cord down by the stake. Too much chance of turning a loose stake into a projectile to go through the Spinn (I did that on my old Kelty Vortex tent - lesson learned). I just didn't like the prussic method.

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That's a nifty little system. Thanks for showing that off.

Will 1/8" shock cord fit in the lock?
1/8" cord will fit, but will not allow any room for the zing it to go through the same little opening. I tried.

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Thanks Shane. That looks super easy to put together. Do you leave the set-up on your tarp when you take it down, or do you take it off each time? Looks like you could go either way since it's just a larkshead to the tarp D-ring.
Thanks for the video & pics. Much easier to figure out the concept with pictures in addition to the written description.
I leave the guy lines attached. I've been rolling the tarp up to the attached single ridge line and using some 8" velcro wire ties as reefing lines. When I got up this morning and took down the tarp (slept out in the hammock last night), I switched over to storing in a set of the no-see-um skins I made. The skins are a little more bulky but much easier to use IMO.