Maybe someone has a JRB Stealth Sniveler and for one reason or another would like it to live near Roan Mtn. TN.
I'm working on the ultimate PeaPod system with help of a guardian angel and I'm thinking to offset some pack weight the Sniveler/Sleaves/Hoode will make up the difference.
I don't have a problem buying new from JRB--in fact I'm darned proud to own 5 of their UQs--but if you have a Stealth Sniveler that is gathering dust and would prefer it on the trail or in a kayak please let me know.
If you can in help me I will play bagpipes at your furneral.
p.s. who actually was a medicine man for the last seven days, now I'm just an east Tn hillbilly staring at the bottom of a bottle of shine and soon to speak tongues