I tried this early on and it works "OK". Depending on what you are looking for, it is probably not optimum. Unless you want to use it at warmer temps by itself (40s to 50s?), in which case you would have tons of draft free room in there. The net and shelf raise the top layer up pretty high on the right(shelf) side. Gives lots of room when the temps are not severe. Drapes down pretty well on the left side(bet the Traveler would be sweet). Or, the gap easily can be filled with down clothing or TQs for the way colder temps, resulting in lots of combo loft on top.

Click on pics for larger view and more detail.

This shows the easy connection on the end knots. A draft free "seal".

This shows a full length view:

This shows the large gap that I start with. But after getting in and pulling pod over netting/shelf- which acts sort of like a RL- the gap is mostly closed down to a couple of inches, leaving enough room to add insulation. Tighten up some to have no gaps under you, or loosen as needed for even more added insulation:

This is with a Claytor NN rather than the BB. I just threw this in to show how bundled up I can be, even comfy on my side. The down is draping right down on me. The narrow Claytor leaves more room for adding insulation. The negative is there is no wide open spaces above you as with wider hammocks, if you prefer that when it is warmer. But I guess you could add a ridgeline and close the pod over that if you wanted space.

Anyway, there are some pod on a BB pics for any one interested.