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    Any guesses on how low for GG 3/8 pads

    Talking 2 crossed, IE one full length, one cut in half and turn sideways
    under the torso. I have slept on heavier pads like that with a garlington, but not that particular pad.


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    25 degrees

    25 degrees
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    What is the sleepwear? What kind of top cover? What other bottom insulation? Does the hammock have a tarp in place? What is the humidity, wind speed, and precipitation? Is the hanging site sheltered? What is the condition of the hanger? Rested? Well fed? Is the hanger acclimated to the cold? Does the hanger sleep cold or warm?

    Determining temperature range is a very individual thing. The sleep system is made up of a lot of parts and if one is changed or dropped out the combined performance of the others change. There are many, many variables...

    That said, my single 3/8" Oware pad (similar to GG, I think) gets me to 25 with my system.


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