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    What do you guys think of this idea

    I have used a garlington a few times with CCF pads and was originally thinking, why not use a driducks poncho and some tyvek bags instead of the garbage bags, then it would breath a little.

    While tweaking my latest gear list, I had a brainstorm, er um brain fart ??, no it was a brain storm for a multi use piece of gear.

    Occasionally I might end up on the ground under a tarp or in a shelter so the idea was why not MYOG a largish retangular 1.25 oz tyvek Bivy sack, with a small flap of insect mesh. I could use that on the ground under a tarp, or use it to replace the bottom shell and garbage bags of a garlington taco. You could put the space blankets in it still and it should breath to some degree and I was also thinking you could just have a batt of Climashield in a SUL .06 cloth to stuff in it under the space blankets as additional insul. You could carry say 5 oz for 3 season, 7.5 oz for winter etc.

    I would think you would want it floppy with more room on the top for ground, and dropped a bit on the bottom for a hammock.

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    Sounds interesting.
    Give it a go and post your results... and pictures.

    I like some multi-use, and some not.
    Your concept of either/or use is cool.
    Not a big fan of having multi-use items that I might want to use at the same time though.
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    I already have the 1.25 oz tyvek, just trying to work out how big I want it.

    I think I could easily set it up to use as a pea pod too.
    IE in very cold weather I could take a regular UQ and fasten this thing around the entire works hung from the ridgeline and it is waterproof and breaths.

    Still the main idea is a Bivy sack that I could use as basically an UQ/garlington hybrid type setup so I may just go with that. To use as a pod I would just need to open it to the end and make sure its big enough.

    Need to think it out some more.

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    Here's a tyvek bivy I made years ago...

    The construction method would probably be of the most interest to you...
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    Thanks, that is interesting.

    I made a normal bivy about 2 years ago from the 1.25 oz stuff.
    Glued it with waterproof wood glue and it is holding up fine so I think I might use that.

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    could you sew the tyvek around a fleece sleeping bag to do basicly the same with? With the bugnetting over the head area that might turn out nice.

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    Trying to keep in more versatile, but that is a good idea. You could set it up to velcro in with tabs.

    I mainly want to keep it as light as possible while using it as a UQ/garlington type hybrid and a bivy and maybe a hammock sock too.

    I will probably have mesh on it. If I can keep it at about 11-12 oz that will work for me.
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