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    Keep it or hack it??

    I'm slowing putting together my arsenal of gear to combat the dreaded CBS. I've got an old AMK thermo-lite emergency bivy sack that's been sitting in the bottom of my "what-if" gear box for about 4 years. Rather than let it sit for another few years I'm thinking about hacking it up for a UQ/VB.

    I don't believe that the old thermo-lite is breathable in any way so it should be a pretty good vapor barrier. That, along with the reflective coating should add several degrees of warmth on top of my down UQ. I like the sound of this much better than a crinkly space blanket. I figure that would sound like sleeping on top of a potato chip bag every time I roll around.

    So, if you had an unused piece of gear in the closet would you reuse it or just spend the bucks on an IX UQ??

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    My first thought is sell it, use the cash towards a Nice down uq!
    It might work as a vb but if the bivy is still in good condition, why hack it and risk not being satisfied in the long run!!!

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