For Sale: USED 1850lb Bull-Line brand pulling tape by AD Technologies -- Commonly referred to as "Mule Tape". This is Polyester pulling tape rated at 1850lbs breaking strength (Safe working load is typically 1/4th to 1/5th the breaking strength.) It's white, 5/8" wide, and slippery. 10' weighs approximately 1.5 ounces. (.15 ounces/ft) Makes great hammock suspension, Is easily sewn, and takes knots well. Made from low-stretch polyester.

Price: $5 per 100' Plus Shipping. Buy 500', and I'll throw in 100' for free.

Shipping: USPS Priority mail, Continental US only.
Small Flat-Rate Box (100' capacity) $5
Medium Flat-Rate Box (600' capacity) $11

All shipments will include random-length pieces 20' or greater in length. The detangling process is often difficult, and the tape must be cut at random intervals.

Mule tape makes great suspension, and a full box of mule tape is a cheap way for a scout troop to make hammocks for everybody. It also has a number of uses: It's better than rope for tying down to a truck. Holds knots well, and releases knots easily. Can be dyed with fabric dyes, (but don't get as bright as the dye intends)

Be sure to wash your mule tape:

Scouting hammocks with mule tape:

Mule tape as straps:
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All proceeds go to send my daughter Bookworm (12) on a cultural outreach program to Australia for 17 days in July. (Donations accepted)

Please PM me for all orders.
Paypal payments only.