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    Merry Christmas Billybob from a snowy Nashville
    'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read. ― Mark Twain

    Who cares about showers, gourmet food, using flush toilets. Just keep on walking and being away from it all.

    There are times that the only way you can do something is to do it alone.

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    Any one remember southern White Christmas out side of the mountains?
    Well, I remember a slightly white christmas about 5 years ago in Gulfport, MS. It snowed for about 4 hours and nothing stuck to the ground...but did stick to the tops of cars and we made a snowman out of that "snow"

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    I just took the dogs out for a last chance bathroom break at 3:00AM in Memphis and we have some snow too! It's just enough to change the color of things but nice to look at.

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