Some time in the past I purchased the idigear single layer Insultex poncho.

I have used it since and found that I am comfortable to at least freezing inside the poncho with just jeans and a cotton tee shirt while lounging and sitting around. I have also found my self to be comfortable into the 20s with the same clothes while hiking and in wind and rain.

I have since found another use for the poncho - over cover.

I lay the poncho length wise on my structural ridge line. I have 2 Prussics on the ridge line with mini-biners. I hook the mini-biners into the zipper pulls - one on each end. That holds the poncho in place. The head hole has a zipper to close and so the head hole poses to problem. This use is attractive since I have had to make no alterations to the poncho.

The poncho lays nicely and is long enough to give good over lap on both ends of my Bridge Hammock - 80" long. The end panels on my Bridge Hammocks can be extended to the ridge line and thus seal the ends completely. I can also leave a gable vent on the head end panel to prevent condensation.

The poncho thus provides an excellent over cover and adds 10* F to 20*F to the inside temperature. Probably closer to 20*F.

The poncho thus has many uses:

  1. sit pad
  2. blanket
  3. sleeping bag
  4. combined poncho and poncho liner - I have read that some do not like the hood, but for me that's a miner quibble that a baseball cap solves neatly.
  5. warm wrap while hiking and in camp
  6. hammock over cover

It's proved to be worthwhile investment for me.