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    Cool What is wrong with Clark Tarps?

    I've seen a few posts recommending people pass on the Clark Tarp and get a better aftermarket one. I've also heard that a couple of times from people. So, as I get ready to order my Clark, I'd like to better understand what is wrong with these tarps. I can order a Clark without a tarp, but it only offers about a $55 discount, which doesn't really cover a good ultralite tarp from most places. In other words, it's cheaper to get the Clark tarp with the Clark hammock when I purchase it.

    Since good and bad are subjective, I don't want to get into a war of it's good versus bad. I would like to hear your opinions, on either side, however you feel on the topic. If you have recommendations, a better tarp, a size of the Clark tarp that is good, whatever, please let me know.

    Now, about my usage as usage will also impact what is good versus bad.
    The hammock I am planning on is the North American, not carrying extra weight for poles. I'm small, and don't mind it wrapping at my shoulders.
    For winter hangs, I plan to use a Winter Dream tarp or Superfly type oversized tarp. This will allow me to setup an A-Frame type enclosure and stop breezes. This type of tarp weighs a bit more, so I do not plan on using it outside of winter (when it can ride in on my pulk, instead of my back)
    For non-winter hangs, I plan to use something smaller and lighter. For this use, I was planning on using the Clark tarp (XL or Vertex) as it is fairly light and more cost effective. Good idea? Bad idea?

    Thanks everybody.

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    Clark Tarps - R - OK

    When I ordered my NX150 from the website the Vertex was not available as an option.

    I wanted it so phoned and Spencer made it an option.

    I got the camo and I like it a lot.

    the only way to go lighter is smaller
    The one way to look at it is it is an awesome 55 dollar tarp . . .

    and if you don't like it . . .
    . . . I'll give you 55+ shipping to me,
    hows that for a money back guarantee.

    Go ahead don't like it
    Bradley SaintJohn
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    The difference in weight between your Summer and Winter tarps is only 6-8 ounces. I'm not sure that would require a pulk. You could also look at a MacCat Deluxe and then buy a door kit from 2qzq. That would give you less weight when you leave the doors at home while providing for good end coverage as well. The MacCat provides more coverage for less weight. The doors from 2qzq are about 4.5 ounces per door/end. That would give you one tarp, two solutions.

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    I ordered my NX-250 with the medium-sized fly

    I have slept in temps in the 40 degF range and in rain. So far, no problems.

    That said, I have a WB Superfly on order for winter and more inclement weather. I considered ordering Griz Beaks, but decided to go with a dedicated tarp with built-in doors for simplicity sake.

    I personally see no problems with the medium and large size Clark flys, but if you need better weather coverage order without and put the credit towards an aftermarket tarp.


    Edit: I guess that would be the XL fly that I have.
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    I ordered the large tarp with my NX-250 and see no problem with it what-so-ever. For what it's worth, I also have a WB Super Shelter with doors for the winter. Don't let the prevailing sentiment against Clark produts sway you. Most of us that actually have Clark hammocks and tarps love them. We seem to be the ugly step-children here, but we just smile and let the crowd followers go their own way. Have fun with your Clark.

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    when I purchased my NX-200 there was no vertex tarp option on the CJH website so I ordered the XL fly. I have been in rain and snow, you can read my testamonial on the CJH website and see pictures of snow in Alabama, with the tarp and it excelled at its job, you know keeping me and my gear dry!!!!! Later, read when I got excess money, I purchased a Winter Dream tarp from BWDD and carried it for a while. Now I have switched to a Blackbird 1.7 DL and OES Maccat Delux in SpinnUL. Get the Clark with the largest factory fly you can afford now, you want regret it. As time goes on and you determine that you need more gear purchase another tarp and use shockcord to suspend the CJH bugnetting, it works!!!!!!!
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    I bought the nx250, and i got whatever tarp came with it. The tarp itself is fine, I want a bit more coverage so I can sit underneath it during rain if I want to cook some grub. When i took mine to the dolly sods, the wasn't a ton of room under the tarp for me to hang out (while not in hammock). If I wanted to play cards with a buddy or if my dog comes along, I just wanted a bit larger tarp. I have since bought a kelty noahs tarp and the eno fast fly. Options is what I have.Thats it. I will still probably use the clarks, but may set up another tarp for cooking/socializing.

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    I'm using the same setup as Bradley, NX150 with camo. vertex tarp. I up-graded from the NA with extra large tarp. I thought the odd shape of the NA tarp made it a PITA to set up, and even the XL seemed a bit narrow. Granted, I haven't camped in any rain, but I want a big roof, just in case.

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    I've camped in some hurrendous storms with my Clark and it's tarp. As long as I've been able to stake down the sides and "X" cross the guylines on the foot in, I've been able to stay dry inside the hammock. Now getting in and back out were a royal pain and I needed to have my rain jacket hanging right handy (usually over the head end of my hammock). The only time my hammock has ever gotten soaked was during one storm that was so bad that I couldn't get back to my hammock to restake the tarp. The tarp was staked up high and wide for hot 110 degree heat. That storm caught me unprepared.
    My Clark came with the Tarp attached. I made absolutely sure I knew what each rope/shockcord was doing before I seperated them and changed out the ropes for amsteel. My tarp is the XL version of the reg tarp.


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    Clark's tarps are fine, very weather worthy and come in different sizes. You can always pickup an additional tarp later if you decide to. For the money and the fact that it's included, give it a try...what can it hurt.

    Most other hammock users buy separate tarps because they're not included with the price of the hammock. As far as one with doors, it isn't needed unless you get a lot of snow and extremely cold\windy weather. Personally, I like being able to lay in my hammock and enjoy the views without it being blocked by a giant tarp with doors.

    Most of the extra stuff folks buy are "extra toys" and can be quite costly.

    Keep it simple and functional. Get it...use it and experiment with it.
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