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    DD modular jungle hammock
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    wilderness logics
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    claytor bat hammock

    claytor bat hammock now perfected.i hear these are popular with climbers neo

    HAMMOCK Now!
    Design: Single point hammock for hanging from one attachment above you. The hammock extends 50cm up on both sides of you, and the three straps on both sides are 100cm long meeting at a main reinforced attach loop above. The hammock is 7' long (2.1 meters) and curls up around your feet and head for safety. The hammock is designed to pack small and light (appx 2kg). The inside layer has a Velcro sleeve opening for a closed cell foam pad (if desired) and also special loop pockets for installing a stick or tent poles as a spreader bars to keep the hammock extended and make it more comfortable. (This hammock can easily be used without foam pad and without the spreader bar for extreme climbing). The three straps pass completely under the body and incorporate "X-design" between the hang webbing to support the body in the hammock. This hammock also comes two mesh pockets and Nylon loop hanging attach points to keep your gear accessible. The Bat Hammock comes with a Ripstop Nylon CONE RAIN FLY which completely seals the hammock from rain (except a very small slit at the top for the attach loops to slip through). The CONE FLY hangs down 15" below the hammock with a draw string to close it in windy conditions. Pictured here is Tyler Martin in our prototype design which has been modified by extreme mountain climber JOSH MUCCI. The new version is available now. Materials: Made with Nylon 420D and reinforced with 2 layers of ES Polyspun Polyester 450 (yarncount 150x30) coated with Breatex to keep it waterproof but breathable and comfortable. The straps are 1.25" Nylon, and the Cone Rain Fly is Ripstop Nylon. Color: Royal Blue with black straps. Cone Rain Fly is Dark Olive Green. Dimensions: 7' long with 1.5 meters high (including the 1 meter straps) to a single attach loop. (packed: 20cm x 20cm x 10cm) Weight: appx 2kg. VIEW BAT HAMMOCK NOW.
    COST: US$200.

    Warning: Mountain Climbing is extremely dangerous. Use of this hammock for cliff-camping requires training, experience, thorough visual inspection and additional harness and clip-in separate from the hammock for additional safety. We cannot be responsible for equipment failure, so check it very carefully yourself and never trust any one piece of equipment 100
    the matrix has you

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    Who is that modeling it? Tyler Martin? He looks really ticked off.
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    That is badass.

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    why are all the pics of the hammock, taken of it on the ground? har Also looks sorta like the webbing or w/e might be stitched (?) between layers of nylon, & thats what is supporting the body... not he nylon. I guess when you are climbing amountain, you might not be too concerned with pressure points like that...???w

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    big design change, now it really looks like the pika parasite hammock at the bottom of this page:

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    looks like a lot of shoulder squeeze, and hard to find a good place to camp. I prefer a good old regular hammock, HH clone.

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    I took a hammock chair to a campout thinking I would be able to find a strong limb to hang from. There was none. Maybe if you strung a ratchet tie down between 2 trees it would work.
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