I went out for an overnight on December the 29th. It was a chilly night (for Texas anyway) with a low around 60 degrees F. The problem for me was that it was windy. Where I was camped, the wind changed direction often. At the beginning of the night my issue was that occasionally the wind would blow into my UQ and chill me for a few moments. It wasn't a big issue at 1st, but every time it happened, I would wake up. No mater what I did, I could not adjust my UQ and keep that from happening.

After awhile, I had had enough. I broke out my Driducks weather poncho with the JRB mod and put it on my hammock over my UQ. It worked fantastic. Warmness and toasty had been achieved. I slept very well the rest of the night.

This was the 1st time I had used the Driducks JRB weather shield for anything other than protection from heavy rain.

I gotta say. I LIKED IT!!!