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    Quote Originally Posted by frizbee View Post
    Yes, I've been watching alot of whoopie slings but I still don't understand why they wont "stretch" (why the cord that you use to adjust the length on the sling won't just be pulled through when a person gets into the hammock). Guess I'll find out when I do one for myself!
    Think: Chinese Finger Traps.

    Same principles at work on the whoopies I believe.
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    Cannibal; what a great post and thanks!

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    Great Choice!

    Whoopie slings, with the frontline, and 3 by 3 meter tarp will be a great start. Tree straps and a toggle will get you attached to the tree. The blue walmart ccf pad or any other pad you may have, will work at major low temps. If you read up on the low temp setting trips by Shug and others, they use a combination of pads, down, layered clothing. You can also use a good temperature sleeping bag, either as a bag, or a top quilt, until you determine that you want to continue, and the purchaseitis disease has struck
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    Thanks. Will check that out, OldnSlow.

    Where do I get a good cord for whoopie slings (and another one for the tarp) in Sweden?

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