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    Start set DD hammock, what do I need?


    I've decided to get me a hammock and I think I'll go with DD Frontline.

    I will order the hammock, tarp and the sleeve. What else would you recommend me to order directly, things you've found helpful like elastic chord or some snap hooks perhaps?

    The idea is to order right the first time and at least not have to order from DD again.

    Thankful for any tips on stuff you found useful!


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    The only thing you might need is some climbing tape to replace the stock DD tapes - they may have changed them since but I found mine to be quite stretchy. A pair of lightweight carabiners may also help but optional - both should be available locally. My advice would be to see how you get on with the supplied options and consider changing only if you think it necessary. Aside from that, the DD should serve you well.

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    Thank you, Dan

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    Ive taken away the webbing that comes with the hammock and replaced it with polyester webbing, carabiners and whoopie slings.

    BUT you can of course use the webbing that comes with the hammock for a start, I changed on mine because I dont want to fibble with knots.

    I use the same kind of setup that GorgeRat uses in this video (except for the Dutch Biner and Dutch Clip).

    I have a continous loop of Amsteel attached to the hammock. I have treehuggers made from polyester webbing and attached to the webbing I have a whoopie sling (the same way as in the video). On the tree huggers I have a carabiner so that it will be easy to attach it to the trees. In the adjustable end of the webbing I also have a carabiner which I attach to the continous loop.

    The video:

    And by the way: Welcome to the madness!

    If you want more info just send me a message, since youre from Gothenburg you can right in swedish if you like!
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    Hey Johannes! Welcome!

    here is my links to my Dropbox where Ive put som photos of my mods on my dd frontline, hope it can shed some light

    A great hammock according to me and my friends who also bought it (6 of us)

    Regards -matte

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    thanks alot for the help! Looking forward to spring now!

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    Another fan/user of the Frontline Hammock. You made a good choice!
    Only thing I've changed on mine is the suspension, otherwise it is a solid hammock.
    Trust nobody!

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    Yeah I'm watching alot of whoopie tuturials now. Feels good I've chosen a good hammock! And I really like that I've found this forum, seems there are enthusiasts from all over the world here!

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    The only other thing you might need is an underquilt if you plan to use it in cooler temperatures. I use a foam pad between layers and it works for me for mild weather.
    I switched my suspension, but the factory webbing is sufficient if you don't mind adjusting for a bit of stretch.

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    I thought I'd use one of these.... for insulation.

    Yes, I've been watching alot of whoopie slings but I still don't understand why they wont "stretch" (why the cord that you use to adjust the length on the sling won't just be pulled through when a person gets into the hammock). Guess I'll find out when I do one for myself!

    Thought I'd get to carbine hooks to make whoopie slings and fasten them to some kind of a tree hugger.


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