FireCaptain, I really like that setup. I'm 210lbs and my 1st thought was I'm not sure 2x2's would hold me. But you're 220 and haven't had a problem so that puts that worry to bed. Your set up definitely fits my criteria.

Harpo, I like where your heads at. That was my 1st thought. Like you I was thinking a simple arbor. I talked to the wife and she started getting all excited. You could build a big arbor and we could put a patio underneath it, then you could make one of those old school fire places, and on and on and on.

So I had to put the kibosh on that. Any minor project like this will turn into an expensive extravagant ordeal. Sticking to something I can put up and take down that doesn't look like a lot of work went into it will work out best.