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    How about this underneath (around 4:20)...


    Then this over...

    It is a thought in my tiny reptillian brain for my WBBB...unless Paul at AHE comes up with an insulated (Summer) bottom for the BBO.

    I am probably going with this...

    for my Traveler because it is my cold weather go to hammock.
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    Hey I had not seen the bear burrito oven before. Looks like a perfect fit on the BB...high class. Just looks like nylon, which alone will warm up prety well. Just think about how much warmer a two person tent is with its much larger volume to warm up. I guess you get what you pay for (or carry) with that 5 oz burrito. If I'm hiking, I think I would stick with my PL as a warmer burrito plus wrap or TQ/UQ. I just like freaking people out with the camo PL folded up into a serape'. People think you're Rambo or something.

    Speaking of the breathability, I found frost on the underside of my thick wiggy PL when I packed up yesterday. Not real thick, but fairly widespread. So it was below freezing just on the other side of the first PL in 9 degree temps. I suspect that you would get ice on the outside of the burrito at those temps and many others as well.

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