when I'm out with the state guard on field exercises I typically carry a lightweight ripstop poncho.

Since I normally carry it - figured why not find a use for it. I decided to test it on my WBBB to see how it would work as weather protection. It was going to take too many sewing mods to make it a under cover -

so I threw it across the top, clipped it tight at the foot end, then used 2 clips on both sides by the head end. at the head end I rolled the extra material to make it hold better.

you can see in the pic at the top of the head end is a space - works for me to leave some ventilation. I may put a tiny grosgrain loop at the top center so I can put a small string thru that & tie to hammock suspension for additional tie down spot.

My garage is pretty darn cold when only wearing a tshirt & sweatpants. after getting in the hammock for a few mins it was toasty but once I opened the zipper I can feel the cool air rush in.