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    Hey Turk,
    Have a terrific and safe trip oh hearty soul..... Looks to me that you will be fine and dandy in your sleep cocoon. Also with your clothing system to wear as well, my opinion is that you seem well prepared. With the addition of the tarp tent and stove you are all set.
    Living in Minnesota gives me a fair bit of cold to hang in and fall/winter is when I get more time to camp. Check my post on sleeping out last week in
    -12o below, it is in the general hammock talk part of this forum. I slept really great and warm.
    You are going on a dang fine trip. I got a wee bit of envy........ ok, more than wee. Hope that you post pix and a report when you get back.
    I look forward to it.
    To the North Woods!!
    Whooooo Buddy)))) All Good in the Backwood Hood.

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    looks like you've got the insulation.
    just be sure to batten down the hatches on that tent<g>.
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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    Hey Turk,

    I like your trenching diagram - having just received my WBBB I was already thinking about how to make it work in our regular March snow camp and had decided on a setup much like your diagram (minus the stove). Now the typical temps I face on that run to about -10C which is a lot warmer than what you are talking about.

    One thing I wanted to mention is that almost all snow trenches/caves/igloos have a "cold well". This is a lower section dug out to allow cold air to sink out of your shelter. Otherwise what happens is the warm air rises, and all the cold air ends up down around where you are sleeping making your insulation and heating really inefficient and work against you.

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    I've built a quinzee for winter camping, but the weather was no where near as cold as what you described.

    I didn't use a hammock on that trek, because I couldn't figure out how. Thanks for the photos and this excellent description.

    My big problem with the past several winters is that we could have snow one day, followed by a spike in temperature, which left us mired in mud.

    I'm really looking forward to testing out some of the winter ideas posted by the awesome people contributing to these forums.

    JJ Murphy
    Giving Nature a Voice

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