I am hoping someone will talk me out of this, but I'm going to have to try one time. Next week I am going to an education centre in the mountains. I will be working during the day, but I want to use my hammock overnight. I will be permitted to camp in the grounds of the centre, which is essentially surrounded by pine forests. There is some snow on the ground, and some snow is forecast. Temperatures are around -12C (10F) overnight here in the town, and may be colder in the hills.

I have a Claytor hammock, an Exped 7 DLX DownMat and a MontBell UL SS#2 down sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is 'comfort rated' to -4C (25F). It is 'survival rated' to a lower temperature. I shall be wearing merino long johns, long-sleeved top and watchcap, and woollen socks. I will probably carry a water bottle filled with hot water.

I am unlikely to want to camp in such a low temperature 'for real', but I am curious as to whether it is possible with the gear I have.

If it gets too cold I can skulk back into the main building, but my main concern is if I am likely to fail to detect hypothermia and be unable to wake up in the morning. What are the chances of that? Do humans tend to wake up feeling cold and then be able to do something about it before succumbing to hypothermia?

Comments and advice are welcome.

Thank you,