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    Thinsulate, Climashield. Primaloft, or Plain old Quilt batting ??

    So it's to cold to ride and the grass has quit growing. I am rummaging around through material scraps looking for something to pitch. Seems I have several pieces of camo scraps. fast forward a few days and now I am needing to decide on what type fill to put between the top cover of scraps and the lining of this thing, Just glad I ran out of scraps so it could stop getting bigger.

    At any rate after reading a jillion threads about the mentioned insulating materials thought I would get some opinions.

    Yes I know it's not Hammock gear it will lay on my manly man bed, or not, But it will definitely help with my injector skills.

    So what is the opinions of all or any as what to line this thing with. It is about 72 inches left to right and 108 inches top to bottom in it's current configuration. Will probably bind it with a 2 inch digital camo piece and call it done. The lining will probably be some of Scott Littlefield's green seconds as I have a bit of that about. Still unsure about that might use something more traditional as I would like the thing to stay on the bed and the nylon might be to slick.

    Obviously their is no concern about weight or pack ability as I doubt it ever sees the light of day

    any and all comments, ideals suggestions

    By the way I choose to go this route as I have all the Hammock gear I think I will ever need,,, yeah right!

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    For home use, I'd use the cheap batting from Walmart, or the like. You don't need all the weight savings that is included in the price of the higher end synthetics, nor do you need their performance characteristics. You just need something to insulate in a mostly ideal climate. Cheap works great for that purpose.

    OTOH, sewing sandwiches of the sheet insulation will give you better practice on the injector than hand-sewing quilt loops on the cheap stuff. I was told by someone of authority, don't remember who, that Thinsulate isn't ideal for quilts due to its construction. Great for clothing, but little else is what he told me. No idea if it is true, just passing it along.
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    Thanks Cannibal,

    I am all about cheap and had given your points consideration before putting this out their, As this is pretty much a shop project and never even seen the mentioned materials in person much less tried to assemble them in a sandwich ,a rather large sandwich, Guess I better have a look at what Wal-Mart batting and it's ilk even looks like, don't think their will be much hand looping involved here. A good time to discover the limits of the machine I am using

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    For bed use? Batting of desired thickness makes the most sense to me, though we recently bought a commercially made comforter that was uber-fluffy and compressible. Felt almost like climashield... and it's almost too warm for So-Cal...
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    nice looking quilt!

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    I would get some bonded batting from joanns. The cheap walmart stuff is just that although they may carry bonded batting too.

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    That's a really cool use of those scraps! That is the manliest manly man quilt I've ever seen... really nice!

    I'd agree with Cannibal, if it's just for a bed blanket / throw - go with cheap batting. That said, I do think there's a climashield weight at that is 72" wide... that would be real easy.
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    Decided to go with the cheap stuff from Jo-Ann's, after all don't want to waste 45-50 bucks worth of prime insulation on something that started out in the rag bag. Also using regular muslin quilt backing rather than the green 2 nd's I got from Scott, it was cheap enough and was able to get a width to cover the whole thing with no seams which I would have had to seam the nylon.

    Have started to put it together and wrestling a tarpaulin comes to mind. Thinking a couple sticks of pvc pipe would come in handy for fabric management. As said before pretty sure this thing won't see the light of day but so far I'm learning a bit about what to do and not to do. I doubt their will be any finished photo's posted, don't really need any more humiliation about my manly man quilt ( I seem to be getting a few looks from the guys I motorcycle with)

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    Quote Originally Posted by spotz View Post
    ( I seem to be getting a few looks from the guys I motorcycle with)
    Thread-inject a couple of custom seats & see what they say

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