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    Test of 3S Phoenix

    I hung last night which was the third night since Jan 1. The low was 20 F. The temperature started out around 25 F around 11 PM. I was very comfortable when I went to sleep.

    I woke up around 5 A.M. and my back felt cold. It was not extremely cold just cold enough to keep me from going back to sleep. Later in the day, I got someone to look with me in the hammock and there was a gap at the foot end between the uq and hammock.

    I could easily check the placement of the uq on my left side by unzipping the hammock. I couldn't check the right side very easily. I tried reaching over the top of the ridgeline, but this was difficult. Does anyone have a suggestion for adjusting and making sure the quilt is right to prevent air gaps?

    Gear Used:

    3S Phoenix
    HH Hex Tarp
    30 F Coleman Sleeping Bag used as TQ
    1/2 inch ccf pad under feet only
    pillow - rolled up sweatshirt

    Clothing worn:

    Carhartt cold weather wool socks
    Carhartt lightweight base layer - bottoms
    Zyflex polyester top
    fleece gloves (only wore part of night)
    knit hat covering ears (only wore part of night)
    pulled sleeping bag over my head most of night
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