Cheers - I have ordered my 1.1 and 1.5 ripstop from BWO yesterday, and was at Hancock Fabrics yesterday. I noticed that they several colors of ripstop available, and I can get a really good deal for around $2-$3 a yard.

I would like to use the Hancock fabric for my kids hammocks, and also to add a two-tone look to the WBBB DIY that I will soon be tackling. The base will most likely be the BWO 1.11 in a DL.

So, my questions - Has anyone had good results with the Hancock ripstop, I assume it is 1.9? Also, is their any labeling, etc that would tell me that it is waterproof and to stay away? I see they carry about 2 -3 different vendors of ripstop.

Thanks for reviewing my post -