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    Hancock Ripstop and Waterproof test

    Cheers - I have ordered my 1.1 and 1.5 ripstop from BWO yesterday, and was at Hancock Fabrics yesterday. I noticed that they several colors of ripstop available, and I can get a really good deal for around $2-$3 a yard.

    I would like to use the Hancock fabric for my kids hammocks, and also to add a two-tone look to the WBBB DIY that I will soon be tackling. The base will most likely be the BWO 1.11 in a DL.

    So, my questions - Has anyone had good results with the Hancock ripstop, I assume it is 1.9? Also, is their any labeling, etc that would tell me that it is waterproof and to stay away? I see they carry about 2 -3 different vendors of ripstop.

    Thanks for reviewing my post -

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    I really like the ripstop I have bought from Hancock. I went with the woodland camo. It weighs in at 1.9 oz (I think most of their RS is 1.9 or heavier). If you keep your eyes open in the paper they often have 50% off coupons that make their prices reasonable.

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    I like it because it protects pretty well, will accept water based Poly U and comes in colors that I like.

    But mostly that's when I was flying RC Combat. My current DIY Hammock is Hancock fabric. Waterproof? I know that to get it to accept the Poly U I had to put it in the washing machine through a quick rinse cycle. Too much rinsing and you get all those frazzles off the edges. Too little and the poly u would just beed up on the surface. I watched a 'How It's Made' segment a couple days ago and they were making Hot Air Balloons. You know they cut 10 layers at a time WITH, a hot wire cutter. Same setup I used to cut foam wing cores with. This way you don't have to seam the edges I've got to get my hot knife out and going for the next hammock. I have a little butane soldering iron with knife attachment. 15 bucks at Home Depot I believe. No dangly wires like with electric. I'll try that tonight.

    Off topic? Oh yea, Hancock fabric. Thumbs up!
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