Dutch you're da man ... and stand by your product. Makes me proud to know ya.

However my pre-recall's are just fine ... I add the stitch to keep them from falling out of my loop but that's really it. When place on the tree with the return loop coming from behind the tree passing through the clip there's little stress on the clip at all the way I run it and taking the time to snug it in that position has never resulted in a rotating clip to put any force on the retaining hooks.

I have a set of all versions of the clips and biners ... and plan to save them for my future Dutch Hardware Museum, located above the Gorge Rat Livermush and Rhubarb Pie Eatery I plan to retire to!

Which reminds me .... ain't it about time for the Dutchman to invent the next great metal "me gotta have" item?